• Roof Panel Machine
  • Roof Panel Machine
  • Roof Panel Machine
Roof Panel Machine
  • YNN
  • China
  • 5-35days
  • 50 sets/months

1. Architecture decoration industry: Building formwork board, outdoor board, indoor board, residential house board, office board, separation wall of public building, commercial decoration frame, board used in dust-free room, etc.
2. Household decoration: Bathroom ceiling board, kitchen board, furniture board, home decoration board, various household shelves, etc.
3. Transportation industry: Ship, plane, bus, and train, floor covering, core layer, indoors decoration plate, etc.
4. Industrial application: Roof Panel Machine is suitable for rot-proof project in chemical industry, thermal forming, refrigeration warehouse, etc.
5. Other applications: Roof Panel Machine is also suitable for construction formwork, sports apparatus, aquaculture material, seashore wet-proof facility, water-resistant material, arts material and all sorts of light separation plate, etc.

Roof Panel Machine Introduction:

Roof panel machine is designed for pp/pe/pvc/abs panel/board/sheet/plate production line with different specifications.

Precise temperature control(±1°c)  can pecisely control the plastiication process and ensure precise thickness and flatness of the products.

The thickness of the sheet is precisely adjusted by adjusting the screws and oil pessure wheels.

Unattached rooll temperature control system can precisely cotrol the temperature of the roll.

The machine equipped with meter counter can set tne length of the products.

This production line is designed according to international latest technology, mixed PVC with plant fiber symmetrically.

Roof Panel Machine adopts high-efficiency conical double-screw extruder with forcible cooling system to extrude and form.

The wood plastic panel out from our line has features of green environment protection, damp proof, antisepticise and not distortion, thus suitable for processing method of wood and can be recycled to reuse. 

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