Filter Machine

  • Juice Filter Machine

    Juice Filter Machine

    1. Simple structure, easy dismounting; after removing the scraper, easy to take out the filter screen, and easy to clean the inside.
    2. Automatic operation, continuous online filtration, to end up the heavy filter screen replacement and cleaning work.
    3. Small filtration pressure loss, stable flow rate, energy saving is beneficial to the continuous stability of the whole process.
    4. Sealed filtration, preventing dangerous material leakage, is advantageous to the safe production and the staff health.
    5. A variety of advanced control systems are optional, powerful, efficient and reliable.

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    Oil Filter Machine

    Oil Filter Machine

    1. Oil Filter Machine is mainly used for filtering series kinds of plant crude oil, such as peanut, sesames, rape-seeds, sunflowers, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, etc.
    2. Capacity customized from customer's request, suitable for different scales of oil refinery and oil factory.
    3. Oil Filter Machine is equipped with gear pump which convey the oil to the filtratrition rooms, saving labor and has higher efficiency.
    4. Light weight, convenient operation, matched with oil pump and motor.

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