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    Paste Mixing Machine

    Paste Mixing Machine

    1. Heating system: electric heating device attaching at the bottom. Heating with temperature display, easy to control.
    2. Hydraulic lifting system: Lifting of Paste Mixing Machine is easy to operate, so the material can be effectively emulsified in a closed condition.
    3. Control System: The control system of Paste Mixing Machine is equipped with digital time relay device, so it can adjust time and speed of homogenizer based on different material. All control buttons are concentrated together, clear at a glance.
    4. Homogenizing system: (voltage 380V, power 15KW, 3000rpm)
    5. Mixing system: (voltage 380V, power 5.5KW, 0-63rpm) Monitoring with transparent filter, scraping the interlayer when mixing, frequency control.

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  • Liquid Mixing Machine

    Liquid Mixing Machine

    1.The liquid mixing machine can produce skin care cream, toothpaste, facial cleanser, car glass water, laundry liquid, sauces, etc.
    2. The liquid mixing machine is equipped with homogeneous emulsion system.
    3. It is using directly, not required installation, no need to send engineers to customer’ factory, suitable for remote service.
    4. It is frequence control for stirring, ensure mixing well.

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  • Powder Mixing Machine

    Powder Mixing Machine

    1. Powder Mixing Machine is equipped with horizontal tank body, need small space but more production capacity.
    2. Dual screw structure-The inner screw push the material form central to sides and the outer screw push the material from sides to the center to make the material effective mixing.
    3. Gear box drive the auger shaft , low noise and low malfunction, long using life.
    4. Powder Mixing Machine is equipped with U-Shape tank bottom, better for material discharge and cleaning.
    5. Pneumatic cylinder to control the discharge exit.
    6. Air cylinder help the top cover easy open.
    7. Heating,cooling function can be realized.
    8. Customized ribbon blender available.
    9. PLC controlled,equipped with mettler toledo weigh modular.

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  • High shear mixing machine

    High shear mixing machine

    1.Unique and efficient mixing and recycling homogenization system.
    2.Adopt sanitary double face mechanical seal.
    3.Powder material can be inhaled without dust and quickly dispersed.
    4.Compared with other series emulsifier, it can reduce 60% of the production time.
    5.With CIP function.
    6.The minimum production can reach 20% of the total volume.

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  • Oil Mixing Machine

    Oil Mixing Machine

    1. Oil Mixing Machine can be customize different structure, single layer type, double layer type with heating or cooling, Three layer type, add the insulation layer.
    2. Strictly according to GMP standard design and production.
    3. Oil Mixing Machine with various working Capacity, from 50 to 10000L.
    4. Heating methods, electric heating, steam heating available.

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