• High shear mixing machine
  • High shear mixing machine
  • High shear mixing machine
High shear mixing machine
  • YNN
  • China
  • 15-60days
  • 10 sets/months

1.Unique and efficient mixing and recycling homogenization system.
2.Adopt sanitary double face mechanical seal.
3.Powder material can be inhaled without dust and quickly dispersed.
4.Compared with other series emulsifier, it can reduce 60% of the production time.
5.With CIP function.
6.The minimum production can reach 20% of the total volume.

High Shear Mixing Machine Introduction:

Recirculation Homogenizing Mixer for Cosmetic Cream, Medicine Ointment

YNN's homogeneous emulsifier equipment has the same variety of forms as the emulsification technology itself. We have designed a series of new work modules that allow different process steps to be adapted to different applications. Our high shear mixer equipment can be used to process materials that are usually not easy to be mixed and dispersed.

For non-continuous production processes, we have a complete set of equipment including functions of stirring, mixing, homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying, vacuuming and heating.

Focusing on technological innovation and technological upgrading is the principle that YNN has consistently adhered to. We will continue to work with our customers and research organizations to develop and improve new technologies, materials and applications.

paste mixing machine

High Shear Mixing Machine Application:

  1. Sauces

  2. Dressings

  3. Mayonnaise

  4. Ketchup

  5. Liquid spices

  6. Cheese spread

  7. Baby food

  8. Jams

  9. Pet food

  10. And many more

    Homogenizing Mixer

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