Liquid Storage Tank

  • Liquid Carbon Dioxide Tank

    Liquid Carbon Dioxide Tank

    1. Liquid Carbon Dioxide Tank uses avanced nine point supporters, strip structure and winding heat insulation meaurement be taken at top,etc, these enabling the products have higher heat insulation properties and reliable performances compare with the traditional structure design.
    2. Complere quality assurance system and perfect manufacturing process.
    3. Liquid Carbon Dioxide Tank are complete, and non-standard specifications products can be customized according to customer requirements.

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    LNG Tank

    LNG Tank

    1. LNG tank has high vacuum multi-layer winding technique with an excellent adiabatic performance.
    2. The liquid natural gas tank can custimize for different volume, 5-150m3.
    3. LNG tank has compact structure and convenience for operating maintenance

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  • Liquid Nitrogen Tank

    Liquid Nitrogen Tank

    1. The unique connection between inner container and outer shell makes the structure of Liquid Nitrogen Tank more reliable.
    2. All tanks of Liquid Nitrogen Tank adopted high vaccum helium mass spectrometer leakness detector.
    3. The indexes of vacuum degree, daily evaporation rate and leakage control and gas discharging rate are wholly stricter than the requirements of national standards.

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  • Liquid Oxygen Tank

    Liquid Oxygen Tank

    1. The main performance indicators of Liquid Oxygen Tank (small cryogenic storage tanks) are not lower than the technical level of conventional fixed-mode liquid storage tanks.
    2. The process of Liquid Oxygen Tank uses a monolithic pipe and container structure, which is most suitable for use in a limited space.
    3. Gas purity can be reliably guaranteed.
    4. The cryogenic liquid filling can be completed on site, which better solves the shutdown caused by the gas supply.

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  • Dewar Flask

    Dewar Flask

    1. Dewar Flask is ideal for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2 or nitrous oxide
    2. Different sizes, pressure, and features to meet your needs
    3. Dewar Flask with stainless steel bottle construction
    4. Thick, dent-resistant outer shell
    5. Durable inner-vessel support system
    6. Heavy-duty footring and large diameter handling ring with four supports

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