paste mixing machine, filling machine, capping machine, sealing machine

YNNTech is Professional production of homogeneous mixing equipment and automatic soap machine, paste mixing machine, automatic filling equipment, capping machine, sealing machine, drying machine, etc, and provide customized services......

Liaoning YNN Technology Co., Ltd is a manufactuer of fruit and vegetable processing equipment, pharmaceutical and chemical processing machine, etc. We provide customers with design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and other service. Our main products are industrial machine, paste mixing machine, filling machine, capping machine, sealing maching, labling machine, drying machine, filter machine, spraying maching, panel making machine, automatic soap machine, etc. We have strict quality control system, and carefully produce each piece of machine. Our machines are good, stable performance, long service life, It has been widely recognized by customers. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, The middle east, America, Australia.

Liaoning YNN Technology Co., Ltd
  • Sealing machine delivery

    The bag sealing machine is very hot, we ship one container of sealling machine to our distributor.

  • Provide premium packing machine to support local development

    Our company will take this as an opportunity to actively connect with local enterprises in the region, to provide high quality processing machine and packing machine for fruit and vegetable processing companies, cleaning supplies companies, food processing companies. Our vacuum emulsifier mixing machine can produce all kinds of condiments, sauces and creams. Filling, capping, sealing and labeling automatic packaging production line can provide exquisite packaging for products of enterprises in the region, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Food longevity essential equipment food packaging machine

    Through the food automatic packaging machine products can effectively prevent oxidation, mildew, moth-eaten, rotten, damp, prolong the quality preservation period. Food packaging machinery has many advantages such as beautiful appearance, compact structure, high efficiency and simple operation, and the wide demand of the market for the development of food packaging machinery industry has held up a new world.