Filling Machine

  • Paste Filling Machine

    Paste Filling Machine

    1. The Paste Filling Machine use piston pump rotary valve structure to fill, suitable for all kinds of sticky sauce, high precision.
    2. The structure of pump adopts shortcut dismantling organ, convenient to wash, sterilize, improve the paste filling machine performance.
    3. The piston ring of volumetric injection pump use different material of silicone, polyflon or other kinds according to sauce characteristic.

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  • Jar Filling Machine

    Jar Filling Machine

    1. Jar Filling Machine adopts advanced SIEMENS programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the automatic running of the machine.
    2. Jar Filling Machine input jar adopts air conveying device;
    3. The output jar adopts adjustable speed way, which combines with the transducer of the host machine making the output jar running more stable and reliable.
    4. The photoelectric inspection of the running condition of various parts makes a higher automation and convenient operation. It is the ideal first-choice equipment of jar filling.

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  • Liquid Filling Machine

    Liquid Filling Machine

    1. Liquid Filling Machine is equipped with stainless steel long sepcial designed no–drip filing nozzles, which can protect the cylinder on the top from being damaged by material.
    2. 304 frame, 5mm thick SUS316L piston pump, manufactured by Taiwan producer.
    3. Liquid Filling Machine is equipped with sensor in each SUS316L rotary valve and filling nozzle, if there is any problem in any nozzle, it shows in touch screen, its easy to be found.
    4. ESG valve to gurantee the shut off accuracy and more stably.

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  • Bag Filling Machine

    Bag Filling Machine

    1. Bag Filling Machine can process: forming bag--measuring--material filling—sealing—counting—date code printing, all the work automatically.
    2. Photoelectric and tracing system or computer system can be provided without your specific requirements.
    3. The PLC controller has the advantages such as setting the length of the bag; the out put alarm and the speed and quantity with buttons.
    4. Bag Filling Machine can be installed to code printer for 1-3 lines characters such as production and expiry date according to your special request.
    5. Eye Mark System ,machine can cut complete logo.
    6. Machine Stop Automaticlly if it is out of film.
    7. Fine Packaging performance.low noies.sealing texture and strong sealing performacnce.

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  • Powder Filling Machine

    Powder Filling Machine

    1. Made in Stainless steel . it is good for Food ,pharmaceutic,chemical packing.
    2. Combined Hopper or Level Split Hopper both fine for cleaning.
    3. The filling weight of Powder Filling Machine can be saved on the Touch Screen .
    4. Powder Filling Machine can make Free flow ability and non free flow ability Powder .
    5. The machine can pack different material by changeover dosing device.
    6. Servo Motor control the filling to keep the dosing High accuracy.
    7. The machine has the Vibrating and lift system.

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  • Bottle Filling Machine

    Bottle Filling Machine

    1. The bottle filling machine is drinking water washing, filling, capping 3 in 1.
    2. All 304 stainless steel rinser heads, water spray style inject design, save water consumption.
    3. High precision filling nozzle, PLC variable signal control, ensure high filling precision & filling smoothly & steadily.
    4. All 304 stainless steel contact parts & liquid tank, fine polish, no death corner, easy to clean.
    5. Filling volume of Bottle Filling Machine adjustable in fine rank, same liquid level after filling.

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