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  • Paste Filling Machine
Paste Filling Machine
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  • 5-35days
  • 50 sets/months

1. The Paste Filling Machine use piston pump rotary valve structure to fill, suitable for all kinds of sticky sauce, high precision.
2. The structure of pump adopts shortcut dismantling organ, convenient to wash, sterilize, improve the paste filling machine performance.
3. The piston ring of volumetric injection pump use different material of silicone, polyflon or other kinds according to sauce characteristic.

Paste Filling Machine Introduction:

Paste filling line is specially made for filling all kinds of viscousity materials in food industry, such as chocolate paste, peanut butter, tomato sauce/jam/ketchup, honey, yogurt etc. The machine adopts piston pump for filling. By adjusting the position pump, it can fill all of the bottles in one filling machine, with quick speed and high precision. The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel. The cylinders and pistons of paste filling machine are made of 316L stainless steel and lined with PTFE, conforming to GMP. 

High Quality Hose

Adapt world top brand of hose,such as TOYOX.

hose characteristics:

With stand pressure

With SUS316 reinforced coil and special reinforced structure, it has excellent stereotypes and is suitable for pressure and vacuum conveying.

Paste Filling Machine Advantages:

1. PLC control system, frequency conversion adjusting speed, high automatically.

2. The Paste Filling Machine will stop filling without bottle, count bottle quantity automatically.

3. Filling quantity of all pumps is adjusted in a lump, each pump is minim adjustable. Operate easy and quickly.

4. Filling head of paste filling machine adopts rotary valve piston pump with the function of anti-draw and anti-dropping.

5. The Paste Filling Machine is suitable bottles in different size, easy adjusting, and can be finished in short time.

6. The whole machine meets GMP requirement.

Semi-automatic filling machine is available.

tube filling machine

 automatic tube filling machine

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