Industrial Spray Machine

  • Polyurethane Spray Machine

    Polyurethane Spray Machine

    1. Polyurethane spray on wall & roof.
    2. Polyurea spray for waterprrof & anticorrosion.
    3. Construction seam filling.
    4. Polyurethane Spray Machine can be used in cold storage spray insulation.
    5. Tank and pipe spray insulation.
    6. Polyurethane foam for package cushioning.
    7. Car roof spray insulation.
    8. Polyurethane Spray Machine is also used in highway, railway, automobile, watercraft, mining petroleum, electrical industry, food industry etc.

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  • Paint Spray Machine

    Paint Spray Machine

    1. High-power motor improve the working efficency of paint spraying.
    2. Paint Spray Machine is imported hard alloy extends working life.
    3. High painting efficiency, strong adhesion of paint coating, dense film.
    4. Paint Spray Machine is available with double gun, extra-large output volume, save labor cost.

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  • Hot
    Glue Spray Machine

    Glue Spray Machine

    1. High atomization type energy-saving spraying machine.
    2. The glue spraying machine can be produced with heating function.
    3. Stainless steel material, reliable and long service life.
    4. High-pressure, easy to use, high production efficiency.
    5. Glue Spray Machine can be customize different volume tank.
    6. The coating layer is even, the coating quality is good.

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