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  • Glue Spray Machine
Glue Spray Machine
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  • 5-35days
  • 50 sets/months

1. High atomization type energy-saving spraying machine.
2. The glue spraying machine can be produced with heating function.
3. Stainless steel material, reliable and long service life.
4. High-pressure, easy to use, high production efficiency.
5. Glue Spray Machine can be customize different volume tank.
6. The coating layer is even, the coating quality is good.

Glue Spray Machine Introduction:

High atomization glue spraying machine

The high atomization glue spraying machine is used in spraying most kinds of furnitures. 500kgs of water pressure test to ensure no deformation, no leakage, can open the cover, easier to clean, and change different colours glue or paint. When the weather becomes cold, the absorportion of glue become high concentration, the coagulation caused by the problem can not be solved for many years. We developed a new glue spraying machine with heating function, solved this problem, improved the quality of the glue, so that the glue will be more atomized, more easy to stick to, and no glue waste. Glue Spray Machine is adaptable to the majority of the high viscosity of glue spraying or painting spraying.

Glue Spray Machine

gun spray machine

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