• Bag Filling Machine
  • Bag Filling Machine
Bag Filling Machine
  • YNN
  • China
  • 25-45days
  • 50 sets/months

1. Bag Filling Machine can process: forming bag--measuring--material filling—sealing—counting—date code printing, all the work automatically.
2. Photoelectric and tracing system or computer system can be provided without your specific requirements.
3. The PLC controller has the advantages such as setting the length of the bag; the out put alarm and the speed and quantity with buttons.
4. Bag Filling Machine can be installed to code printer for 1-3 lines characters such as production and expiry date according to your special request.
5. Eye Mark System ,machine can cut complete logo.
6. Machine Stop Automaticlly if it is out of film.
7. Fine Packaging performance.low noies.sealing texture and strong sealing performacnce.

Bag Filling Machine Introduction:

Bag filling machine is widely used to pack any loose,powder products of the haeceutical,and chemical industries, such as milk powder, soya powder,cosmetic powder, slimming tea,medical powdered etc.

Apply for the packaging of medical supplies, food, hardware and other particle in bulk such as electuary, spices,sugar, coffee,seeds and monosodium glutamate .

1. Stainless steel surrounds the part where contact to the material. The Bag Filling Machine is accordant with the European CE standard.

2. The computer controller of Bag Filling Machine is the first patented product in China, an advanced frequency converter, and supports multi-language control.

3. Rolled disc cup adjusting device can adjust packaging capacity during running the machine, reduce the lostof material and improve productivity.

4. Bag-making equipment can be changed according to specific requirement of customers and products so as to adjust the amount of packaging.

semi auto filling machine

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