Sealing Machine

  • Carton Sealing Machine

    Carton Sealing Machine

    1. Carton Sealing Machine are equipped with imported parts, electrical and pneumatic components.
    2. Carton Sealing Machine can manually adjust the height and the width for different size of cartons.
    3. Advanced pneumatic control system compare with the complicated electrical control system.
    4. Semi Auto Fold the top covers , side belts driven top and bottom sealing.
    5. Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter.
    6. Both steel and stainless steel types.

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  • Bag Sealing Machine

    Bag Sealing Machine

    1. FR series Bag Sealing Machine Seal can seal all kinds of heat-sealable materials.
    2. Solid-ink coding device of Bag Sealing Machine is adopted to print the colored label on bag while sealing. If necessary, counting device can be equipped as well.
    3. Constant temperature control and stepless speed regulation.
    4. Temperature and height of conveyor table are adjustable.
    5. Solid-ink coding is characterized by high definition, various selectable colors, instant dry while printing,strong adhesive property.

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  • Blister Sealer

    Blister Sealer

    1. Turntable style, three working positions.
    2. Using high Q oscillation value is installed in this machine which is stable and reliable in output.
    3. Blister Sealer is equipped with high sensitive spark depressing circuit is used for preventing mold damage.
    4. The rotating-plate, pusher-tray structure of Blister Sealer can improve the production effectively.
    5. The cylinder propping positioning gadget can make precise position of turntable.
    6. Blister Sealer is made of a whole set high-quality imported components.
    7. Capable of prearrangement, reliable and stable in output.
    8. Optional position 3-6, working more efficiency.

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  • Vacuum Sealing Machine

    Vacuum Sealing Machine

    1. Vacuum Sealing Machine is equipped with transparent lid provides clear visibility for packaging operations.
    2. Three Operation modes possible Vacuum only/vacuum and gas/seal only
    3. Compact design
    4. Hygienic design easy to learn
    5. Complete stainless steel structure for maxmin durability
    6. Vacuum Sealing Machine is equipped with excellent vacuum system
    7. Excellent sealing system

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