• Liquid Oxygen Tank
  • Liquid Oxygen Tank
  • Liquid Oxygen Tank
Liquid Oxygen Tank
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  • 5-35days
  • 50 sets/months

1. The main performance indicators of Liquid Oxygen Tank (small cryogenic storage tanks) are not lower than the technical level of conventional fixed-mode liquid storage tanks.
2. The process of Liquid Oxygen Tank uses a monolithic pipe and container structure, which is most suitable for use in a limited space.
3. Gas purity can be reliably guaranteed.
4. The cryogenic liquid filling can be completed on site, which better solves the shutdown caused by the gas supply.

Liquid Oxygen Tank Introduction:

Liquid oxygen tank

Inspected by the Sellers After completing the manufacturing and assembling of the equipment, we will test the machines and commissioning in the workshop.

Inspected by the Buyers After confirmation of a sound work of the line, we will invite our customer to send their representatives to inspect Liquid Oxygen Tank in our factories, or video inspection in Covid-19 situation;


Liquid Oxygen Tank have been widely used in various fields, including steel, petrochemical, medicine, electronics, textile, thermoelectricity, automobile, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and many other fields.

liquid oxygen vessel

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