• Powder Mixing Machine
  • Powder Mixing Machine
  • Powder Mixing Machine
Powder Mixing Machine
  • YNN
  • China
  • 5-35days
  • 50 sets/months

1. Powder Mixing Machine is equipped with horizontal tank body, need small space but more production capacity.
2. Dual screw structure-The inner screw push the material form central to sides and the outer screw push the material from sides to the center to make the material effective mixing.
3. Gear box drive the auger shaft , low noise and low malfunction, long using life.
4. Powder Mixing Machine is equipped with U-Shape tank bottom, better for material discharge and cleaning.
5. Pneumatic cylinder to control the discharge exit.
6. Air cylinder help the top cover easy open.
7. Heating,cooling function can be realized.
8. Customized ribbon blender available.
9. PLC controlled,equipped with mettler toledo weigh modular.

Powder Mixing Machine Introduction:

Powder mixing machine is suitable for mixing different kinds of powders, powder with a little bit liquid, and powder with tiny granule. It is widely used in powder material manufacturing process in many fields, like chemical, medicine, food and construction fields.

The internal barrel surface of Powder Mixing Machine is smoothed by polishing and equipped with center shaft and double S-shaped paddle. Mixing materials process is fast and homogeneous, which can be finished within 5-10 minutes for each batch.

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