• Bottle Capping Machine
  • Bottle Capping Machine
  • Bottle Capping Machine
Bottle Capping Machine
  • YNN
  • China
  • 5-35days
  • 50 sets/months

1. Bottle Capping Machine is equipped with variable speed AC motors.
2. Spindle wheels adjustment knobs, with lock nut hand wheel.
3. Meter Index for easy mechanical adjustment.
4. No change parts required for a wide range of containers
5. Comprehensive universal cap chute and escapement
6. Bottle Capping Machine is equipped with 2 layer bottle clamping belt, suitable for containers of various shape.

Bottle Capping Machine Introduction:

High Quality Automatic Bottle Capping Machine  adopts mechatronics integrated design and PLC electronic optical fiber sensing control.Complete bottle-in - vacuum - cover - out.No bottle, no vacuum, no revolving cover when the vacuum pressure does not reach 0.06MPA, truly achieve no oxygen in the bottle, sterile propagation. Bottle Capping Machine is an ideal choice for food, pharmaceutical and other industries to ensure the shelf life of materials.The equipment is simple to operate, easy to maintain and easy to clean.

Bottle Capping Machine Details:

1. The automatic vacuuming and screwing cover is integrated, and the degree of automation is high;

2. The screw cap torque and vacuum can be set as needed to ensure that the vacuum is absolutely up to standard;

3. Bottle Capping Machine is suitable for a variety of round bottle caps, strong compatibility;

4. Stainless steel design, easy adjustment of various components;

5. The use of internationally renowned brands of electrical and pneumatic components to ensure stable, reliable and durable equipment.

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